Sunday, December 26, 2010

Adding Content (Menambah Isi Kandungan)

Resize a Textbox
To resize a textbox:
  • Click on the textbox
  • Click the corner of the box and drag the cursor to the desired size

Resize Image Graphic

Bulleted and Numbered Lists
Bulleted lists have bullet points, numbered lists have numbers, and outline lists combine numbers and letters depending on the organization of the list.
To add a list to existing text:
  • Select the text you wish to make a list
  • Click the Bulleted or Numbered Lists button

Lists Buttons

To create a new list:
  • Place your cursor where you want the list in the document
  • Click the Bulleted or Numbered Lists button
  •  Begin typing
Nested Lists
A nested list is list with several levels of indented text. To create a nested list:
  • Create your list following the directions above
  • Click the Increase or Decrease Indent button

Indent Buttons

Formatting Lists
The bullet image and numbering format can be changed by using the Bullets or Numbering dialog box.
  • Select the entire list to change all the bullets or numbers, or
    Place the cursor on one line within the list to change a single bullet.
  • Click the arrow next to the bulleted or numbered list and choose a bullet or numbering style.

Bullets Dialog Box

Adding Video
Video clips can be added to the presentation.  To add a video clip:
  • Click the Movie button on the Insert tab
  • Choose Movie from File or Movie from Clip Organizer

Insert Movie Button

To edit the video options:
  • Click the movie icon
  • Click the Format tab

Picture Tools Toolbar

Adding Audio
Audio clips can be added to the presentation.  To add an audio clip:
  • Click the Audio button on the Insert tab
  • Choose Sound from FileSound from Clip OrganizerPlay CD Audio Track, or Record Sound

Insert Audio Button

To edit the audio options:
  • Click the audio icon
  • Click the Format tab

Sound Tools Toolbar

(Ihsan : Fgcu)