27 December, 2010

Graphics (Grafik MS Power Point)

Adding Picture
To add a picture:
  • Click the Insert Tab
  • Click the Picture Button
  • Browse to the picture from your files
  • Click the name of the picture
  • Click insert
  • To move the graphic, click it and drag it to where you want it

Insert Picture Dialog Box

Adding Clip Art
To add Clip Art:
  • Click the Insert Tab
  • Click the Clip Art Button
  • Search for the clip art using the search Clip Art dialog box
  • Click the clip art
  • To move the graphic, click it and drag it to where you want it

Adding Clip Art

Editing Pictures and Clip Art
When you add a graphic to the presentation, an additional Tab appears on the Ribbon.  The Format Tab allows you to format the pictures and graphics.  This tab has four groups:
Adjust:  Controls the picture brightness, contrast, and colors
Picture Style:  Allows you to place a frame or border around the picture and add effects
Arrange:  Controls the alignment and rotation of the picture
Size:  Cropping and size of graphic

Format Pictures Toolbar

Adding a Shape
To add Shapes:
  • Click the Insert Tab
  • Click the Shapes Button
  • Click the shape you choose

Insert Shapes Drop Down
  • Click the Slide
  • Drag the cursor to expand the Shape
Resize Shape Active Shape
To format the shapes:
  • Click the Shape
  • Click the Format tab

Shapes Toolbar

Adding SmartArt
SmartArt is a feature in Office 2007 that allows you to choose from a variety of graphics, including flow charts, lists, cycles, and processes.  To add SmartArt:
  • Click the Insert Tab
  • Click the SmartArt Button
  • Click the SmartArt you choose

Smart Art Dialog Box
  • Click the SmartArt
  • Drag it to the desired location in the slide

To format the SmartArt:
  • Click the SmartArt
  • Click either the Design or the Format tab
  • Click the SmartArt to add text and pictures.

Smart Art Design Toolbar

Adding a Photo Album
The photo album feature is new in PowerPoint 2007 and allows you to easily create a photo album to share pictures. To create a photo album:
  • Click the Photo Album button on the Insert tab
  • Click New Photo Album
  • Click File/Disk to add pictures to the photo album
  • Move the pictures up and down in the order of the album but clicking the up/down arrows

Insert Photo Album Dialog Box

(Ihsan : Fgcu)