29 December, 2010

Charts (Membina Carta)

Charts allow you to present information contained in the worksheet in a graphic format. PowerPoint offers many types of charts including: Column, Line, Pie, Bar, Area, Scatter and more.  To view the charts available click the Insert Tab on the Ribbon.

Insert Chart Button

Create a Chart
To create a chart:
  • Click the Insert tab on the ribbon
  • Click the type of Chart you want to create
  • Insert the Data and Labels

Chart Types Dialog Box

Edit Chart Data
To edit chart data:
  • Click on the chart
  • Click Edit Data on the Design tab
  • Edit data in the spreadsheet

Edit Data Spreadsheet

Modify a Chart
Once you have created a chart you can do several things to modify the chart. 
To move the chart:
  • Click the Chart and Drag it another location on the same slide, or
  • Copy it to another slide
  • Choose the desired location and click Paste

Paste Button

To modify the chart size:
  • Click the Chart
  • Click on any of the corners and drop and drag to resize
Resize Chart Graphic

To modify the labels and titles:
  • Click the chart
  • Click the Layout tab
  • Choose the appropriate label to change

Chart Title DropDown

Chart Tools
The Chart Tools appear on the Ribbon when you click on the chart.  The tools are located on three tabs:  Design, Layout, and Format. 

Within the Design tab you can control the chart type, layout, styles, and location.

Chart Design Tab

Within the Layout tab you can control the insertion of pictures, textboxes, and shapes, labels, backgrounds, and data analysis.

Chart Layout Tab

Within the Format tab you can adjust the Fill Colors and Word Styles.

Format Chart Tab

Paste a Chart from Excel
  • Open the Excel worksheet
  • Select the chart
  • Click Copy on the Home tab
  • Go to the PowerPoint document where you want the chart located
  • Click Paste on the Home tab

Copy Chart

(Ihsan Fgcu)