18 December, 2010

Adding Tables (Menambah Jadual Di Dalam Dokumen)

Tables are used to display data in a table format. 
Create a Table
To create a table:
  • Place the cursor on the page where you want the new table
  • Click the Insert Tab of the Ribbon
  • Click the Tables Button on the Tables Group.  You can create a table one of four ways:
    • Highlight the number of row and columns
    • Click Insert Table and enter the number of rows and columns
    • Click the Draw Table, create your table by clicking and entering the rows and columns
    • Click Quick Tables and choose a table

Tables Dialog Box

Enter Data in a Table
Place the cursor in the cell where you wish to enter the information.  Begin typing.
Modify the Table Structure and Format a Table
To modify the structure of a table:
  • Click the table and notice that you have two new tabs on the Ribbon:  Design and Layout.  These pertain to the table design and layout.

Table Tools

On the Design Tab, you can choose:
  • Table Style Options
  • Table Styles
  • Draw Borders
To format a table, click the table and then click the Layout Tab on the Ribbon.  This Layout tab allows you to:
  • View Gridlines and Properties (from the Table Group)
  • Insert Rows and Columns (from the Rows & Columns Group)
  • Delete the Table, Rows and/or Columns (from the Rows & Columns Group)
  • Merge or Split Cells (from the Merge Group)
  • Increase and Decrease cell size (Cell Size Group)
  • Align text within the cells and change text directions (Alignment Group)

Table Layout Tools

(Ihsan : Fgcu)